About Me

As a child I fell in love with a large gemstone my father had.  Its aqueous colour and the way it sparkled in the light captivated me and I still feel that same delight and fascination when working with gemstones today.
Trained in Fine art and with a Silver medal awarded by the RHS for my botanical paintings I am a lover of detail. Gemstones now form my palette of colours from which I love to create and inspiration comes from the light and colours of the coast.  The name Sandalwood and Silver came from my interest in sandalwood mala beads with their warm exotic scent, as well as my daily contemplation of the coastline.
To me its important to use my creativity to make jewellery that is unique and personal.  I use ethically sourced high quality materials and many of my pieces are not repeated.
I hope you find something unique and individual that inspires you in my collection.  

To see my artwork please visit pennyrobsonartist.co.uk